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Found some bulking progress pictures.

Heres the first one.

The guy was 116 pounds, even skinner than I am, with by the looks of it a similar body fat percentage as myself.

6 months into a bulk, he's at 146 pounds. If I gained that much fat and looked like him in the after picture after bulking, I wouldn't be happy, I'd be miserable because I made myself look worse. Fatter. He doesn't look good to me.

Because of my body fat percentage. Around 14 %. If I bulked for 6 months, aiming for 2 pounds of weight gain a month, thats 12 pounds. 6 of them which is likely to be fat if the ratio is 1:1 like allot have said. (I know there are many variables, but estimated)

At my current weight and height, just over a pound of fat would result in 1% of body fat.
Estimated, that'd put me at 20% body fat.

That would NOT make me look better, I know that for a fact.

So if 6 of those 12 pounds is fat, 6 pounds would be muscle...Although I wouldn't be able to see that muscle because I'd have a higher body fat percentage, like the guy in the picture. (Although he's clearly gained some muscle, it'd be mistaken as fat for most people seeing his transformation not knowing he was "bulking". If I saw his body in a changing room, I wouldn't think "oh, he must be bulking".)

Of coarse, as long as the muscle gain was more than the fat gain, I should be ok.

But it seems common knowledge on the internet, and from looking a peoples transformations and weight gain on here, that you either gain a 2:1 ration of muscle to fat (fat been the higher number), or a 1:1 with equal amounts of both.

Jim's post in this thread above shows this. He put on 50 pounds, and cut 30 of it. Which is great for someone who's not a model, but for me, if a higher percentage of the weight I gained was fat rather than muscle, it'd be entirely counter productive.

I don't know what's true. Everyone seems to tell me different things.

Now heres another transformation

7 months bulking progress pic's - Forums

This man gained 23 pounds in 7 months. His body fat percentage was very low when he started as you can see, so the fat he gained during that 7 month bulk, didn't make him look fat. I'd be perfectly happy looking like him after a bulk. He says keeps things as clean as possible.

I feel the cause of all this apart from my OCD, the cause of my worries, is the fact that my body fat percentage is higher, so gaining a few pounds of fat would be noticeable, and put me into that category of skinny fat while bulking, rather than, bulking ,getting bigger, and gaining a little fat along the way.

I'd end up like the guy in the first transformation, or actually worse because I weigh more than him from the get go (when he started his bulk he was 116 pounds)

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a prob;em with fat gain if I'd turn out like the guy in thhe second bulk, but I'm guessing he ended up like that because he had a low bodyfat percentage to start with.

I remember a few months back BTB posted a teens transformation from critically skinny, to ripped and muscular.

I E-mailed him, and again he said he had a very low body fat percentage, so the fat he gained didn't matter.

5k posted a thread up about muscle models, who keep their fat down and stay lean year round, but again, they were ripped with a single digit body fat percentage from the get go, so any fat they gained during a bulk wouldn't matter.

Looking at tons and tons of transformations, I'm consistently seeing that the people who are leaner with a 8-12 % body fat, are the ones that achieve what I'm trying to do, bulk, and look relatively lean afterwards. The guy in the second bulk, finished his bulk at around the same body fat as I have now!

I trust your advice.

Your the most well informed, non judgemental, motivating people Iv'e ever come accross, and the way youv'e welcomed me into your group and helped me I'll never forget. I have the best information in the world, and everything I need to do this.

Its the fear stopping me.

I truly do understand your frustration with me. You've put allot of time into helping me, and to you it just seems I don't listen, and I don't do.

I do listen, and I really am trying my best to get over this fear but its just so difficult.

I don't know what else to do. Some of the people that have helped me beofre have gotten sick of me and gone, and you'll do the same, which I completly understand.

If only some of you were here in my area and I could pay you to train me.

I don't have anybody to train with, the only person anything close to a workout partner is my dad, that comes in to spot my bench pressing.

Your all about keeping things simple on here, and I don't understand how I've complicated everything.

For example I was told earlier that most the calories I consume should be going towards building muscle, a 2:1 ratio where muscle was the higer number and fat was the one.

Then Squatter said above that he gained 50 pounds, and cut 30 of it, meaning he must've gained 20 pounds of muscle and 30 pounds of fat, which appears to contradict the first statment.

It wont have done. And yet again I'll be wrong, and will likely be accused of not listening again, just to me allot of things seem to contradict.

I'll no doubt be wrong about that, and the other things I'm getting confused about.
Its almost like I have too much info, an then my OCD spins it around and around and around.
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