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I have seen all of your posts and I have kept out of it. Here's the deal, you are getting TONS of great advice. Sometimes when one door closes another one opens. You are worrying about bad stuff, what about the great possibilities? You will never know if you keep questioning and you need to make a decision.
I've made the decision to get bigger. Thats what I'm currently doing. I'm asking questions, but at the same time actively doing something.

I was once very thin. I asked a lot of questions like you, but it is what you do with that information. You can continue to analyze or get off the fence. I am not saying it to be mean. You are lucky you have all this info at your finger tips. No one here would steer you wrong. They are all trying to help.
Yeah, I know. I have all the advice I need, I just don't like it thats all! haha

Its in finding out from the people on here how the system works that worries me.

I have an idea that might help me though.

I know you are concerned, but you will never achieve that 'look' until you stop worrying what others think. Once you get it in your mind that you don't care what anyone else thinks, modeling jobs, girls, fuller face, a little body fat etc you will get the 'look' you are going for. You may be surprised what new doors will be opened to you.
I see what your saying, but thats not a very fun way to live...

Being self conscious because your face looks fatter than the rest of your piers, when it was perfectly fine before, losing a really good well paid contract with a modeling agency because I wanted bigger muscles, ruining chances with girls because I look chubby.
Through the prime time in my life when I should be enjoying it the most.

I have to wonder weather its worth it sometimes. I really don't want to spend my teenage years miserable, when the goal was to feel better about myself...

Put this question in your mind 'how bad do you want it?'
Badly. However, if its going to make me feel crap about myself for the next few years, theres no point. Its counter productive.

When you want it so bad you will have absolutely no doubt in your mind, you won't care what others think and you will reach your goals.
Remember why I'm doing this though. To look good for moddeling, to look good infront of girls, to boost my self esteem and confidence.

If I didn't care about what other people thought, then there'd be no reason for doing this other than to live a healthy lifestyle. Which is very important to me, don't get me wrong, but the other stuff is very important too.

Its as if it has to get worse before it gets better. I have to look worse, before I look good. Thats somewhat how the process goes by the looks of things.

And to be honest, its not very appealing or motivating.

I am not saying this to hurt your feelings by any means, but I think you need a little tough love at this point.
Yes, and thanks for the advice.
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