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Meet Report

I went to bed on Saturday night weighing 92.7kgs so I knew I was already under. I was hungry but no surprise there. I slept OK getting around 6.5 hours and woke, as usual on meet day, half an hour before my alarm with excitement. I went downstairs, had a shower and weighed myself. 91.6kgs: even more under. Great! Got dressed and snuck out the door leaving the girls asleep.

Only had to drive 15 minutes to Neil's and then he drove the next 2 hours. Got to site and weighed in straight away at 8:10; 91.3kgs. Not a bad loss from 94.7kgs on Monday. I then spent the next 45 minutes drinking and eating solidly knowing that I had to warm-up at 10 and wanting to leave a good hour to digest. Unlike my last cut the water was staying in me better and I felt ok as I began to warm-up. After twinging my adductor again in the week I was taking no chances and put my suit on early. 140 with no belt was fine. 180 with belt I'm not sure what happened but I think I got my descent slightly off line, the belt bit hard and I had to fight to get back up. I undid my belt and was seeing stars. This had me pretty scared. My opener was 60kgs over that and if 180 was a struggle, how the hell was I supposed to do 240?!?! So I regrouped, wrapped up for 200 and hoped for the best. Thankfully it felt better. As flight A was halfway through their 3rds, I hit 220 with straps up and nailed it. I felt good.

I hit the platform and was pumped. I soon discovered that there was a problem though: the platform was carpeted like the warm-up area but also flexed in places and with heavier weight on my back, it was hard to do my usual set-up by sliding my feet out once I'd stepped back. No time for worrying now though. I buried the opener and came up fast. My upper back lost tightness at the top and made it harder than it should have been but still comfortable. Three whites and I'm in the meet.

Jumped to 247.5kgs for my second and discovered problem two: heavier weights push the bar slightly lower on my back and I scraped the racks on the way out. I stepped back, got the squat command and almost fell over backwards. I managed to regain balance, got set and hit my squat. Upper back rounded again at the top but gutted it out. After this attempt the MC asked if I wanted to drop the rack height, I should have agreed but I didn't. I squatted the 252.5 attempt but cut it way too high. The whole attempt was rushed and I was never comfortable with my set-up. Still I had made weight and had started with a 12.5kgs PB. I was happy.

Bench warm-up went well. Worked up to 135kgs raw, then shirted up and last warm-up was a very fast 165 from the 1 board. I felt really strong. Ark1 and food was kicking in and I was ready to crush. Attempt 1: 175 - Smoke show. Attempt 2 and double bodyweight: a little harder but still smoked it. Wanted 190 but played it safe with 187.5. Not sure if I had the shirt jacked a little low but I ended up rolling forward a bit to touch and then ran out of steam to finish. Drifted the bar, and it moved again, drifted some more and more and... Dumped it into the rack in a skull crusher type move. Again though, 10kgs PB from November and feeling strong.

On to deadlifts. I felt good in warm-ups. This quickly disappeared on the platform. My opener was a grind and the fast pace of the day (straight from squat to bench and then straight into deads with no more than 5-10minutes between them) was catching up with me. 232.5 was a conservative second and I barely squeezed it out. 237 was my third and the writing was on the wall. Poor start position again, the bar flew to my knees then stopped dead. I was done.

Got best lifter by a fair margin due to my svelte bodyweight and actually hit 5PBs if you count my openers and seconds on squat and bench so lots of positives. Still didn't hit the numbers I wanted and felt like there was more in me but that's meet lifting. Sometimes you have to deal with feeling a bit weak and a wobbly platform and do what you can.

Time now to recover, regroup, sort out my deadlift once and for all and maybe even learn to hook grip along the way. Here's the video:

Don't call it a comeback
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