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Originally Posted by LindenGarcia18 View Post
Basically it was the idea that'd it'd be detrimental to my development.
Aparently as a teenager cutting can stunt our growth because your basically starving your self.

Thats the problem. My focus is on bulking up now obvously, but the fact that I can't lose that extra fat without making y self ill and stunting my growth is a worry.

in a nut shell, having a moddeling job means I can't afford to put on fat that will make me look different in my face, or I'll lose it, because the contract would go to someone with more defined bone structure.

I understand I won't get fat, I know that. But its the fact remains that I will put on some fat by doing this. Which I came to terms with thinking It shouldn't be a stress because I'd be able to get rid of it if it got out of hand and do a short cut.

If I can't vut, then the fat just stays there, building up as the years go on while I continue to bulk, until I stop growing, and am able to cut..

That sounds crap to me what ever way I cut it, and I don't mean just the moddeling job.
What teen wants to llok chubby while theyr'e at school, colledge and uni, looking for girls and feeling god about themselves.
The whole idea of bulking till I've stopped growing would just make me indefinitely miserable, no to mention what it would do to my selfesteem and moddeling career.

I have to gain some fat, I get that. But now from where I'm standing, it just looks like a lose lose situation.

"Yeah, ou can build a hell of muscle in the next 5 years! Oh yeah, there is a downside though. You'll have to look chubby in the prime time of your life and lose your job if you want this."

Seems pointless if this is really how its going to be.

I'd surly be in the overweight category if I bulked until I'd stopped growing. I'd have put on a bout 40 pounds of fat by that time if I just ket bulking!
Even at 1-2 pounds a month body weight gain. The muscle would offset it somewhat I know, but I doubt I'd look good.
What's more, I'll have to get rid of all that fat at the end, which would call for a drastic cut, and then I'd lose allot of my muscle, and end up almost back where I started.

Nothing really seems to be in my favor. I was really optimistic before too.
Haha, you are REALLY over thinking this. Cutting a little fat isn't going to have any negative effect on your physical development or stunt your growth. There is a HUGE difference between running a small calorie deficit for a little while and starving yourself, just like there's a huge difference between running a slow bulk and stuffing yourself with everything you see.

Try to remember one of the things I keep telling you; Commit to your program, give it time to work, then adjust according to your results. You're not trying to become a powerlifter or be the biggest, baddest dude on the football team. You're going for a certain look, and if you don't maximize every little ounce of muscle then that's ok.

Like I said, lift heavy, get stronger, eat a little extra to give your body the chance to grow and you'll be happy with your results.
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