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Captains Log Day 4

i did play a softball double header last night i took 1 scoop before the game. could feel it come on, no super powers though when hitting the ball. it did not keep me awake either which i like.

I am half tempted to put some of this in my kids lemonade stand just to see the neighbors kick it into high gear.

So today was supposed to be an active rest day for me but i took the liberty of doing legs. i should have listened to my body and not done legs until tomorrow.

here goes

Squats 185x11 @ 4 sets
Leg Press 220x11 @ 3 sets
Leg Extensions 110x11 @ 3 sets
Deadlift 185x11 @ 3 sets
Leg Curls 110x11 @ 3 sets
ab work 30 mins various crunches, 12# ball leg lifts, scissor kicks

im thinking tomorrow i will just ride my mountain bike around after work and be active. will still down one scoop and put one in my water bottle.
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