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Originally Posted by LindenGarcia18 View Post
Was watching a boxing match the other day. It was David Haye vs some other Russian man.

I noticed he had a great physique, and so did the other guy.

Boxers, and other athletes seem to be an exception to the muscle and strength building rule.
If you look at a boxers training plan and diet, its noting like a powerlifters, or a bodybuilders, yet they have allot of strength and particularly in a boxers case, quite a bit of muscle mass. (I'd be more than happy to have David Haye's body!)

Does anybody know how that works? Everyone else is bulking and cutting, lifting heavy weights, yet he and other athletes look great just by training from their sport.
What do you mean "How does that work?", you already mentioned that their training and diet plans are nothing like PLers or BBers, so there's the answer, I assume...unless you're looking for a medical/biological breakdown, in which case, never going to happen.
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