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roadrider97 is off to a good startroadrider97 is off to a good startroadrider97 is off to a good startroadrider97 is off to a good start

First time using this morning, started with 2 scoops.

Woke up about 15 mins later than usual, popped the 2 scoops and got going. gym is only 5 mins from the house. a quick 5 mins on the treadmill. I could feel it kicking in.

Taste 10/10 - not your grandmas lemonade...

Mixability 10/10 - no chunks or crunch left over.

Strength 10/10 - im in the middle of a micro cycle and upped my weight, felt like i could have added more.

Focus 9/10 -

Pump 10/10 - still felling it 2.5 hrs later

Overall Performance 9.5/10

I have taken a lot of preworkout drinks and this one does not leave an after taste, no headaches, haven't seen a crash.

Bench 170x11 @4 sets
Incline Bench 150x11 @3 sets
DB Incline Bench 30x11 @3 sets
Cable X-over 60x11 @3 sets
Cable tri pushdown 130x11 @4 sets
Close grip tri ext 60x11 @3 sets
Cable rope OH tri ext 65x11 @3 sets
Standing calf raise 275x11 @6 sets

When I was complete, I didnt want to be. I felt in the beginning that I had rocket boosters, and then a soft landing. I can not wait to see what I will feel like once i have been taking this for a while.
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