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Originally Posted by Dray View Post
While I'm in question mode anyway, here's another one.

I've heard a lot of negative opinions on situps. Even some on crunches as well. Is there much (or any!) genuine and relevant evidence to support said opinions? If so, what?

I was thinking of throwing in some weighted decline bench situps again, as another option for ab work (as part of my doing abs directly twice a week, currently). Good or bad choice, do you think?
I think, somewhere along the line, everything we've ever done has been considered to be bad, in some degree or other, now. Press-ups, headstands, cobra pose etc...the works. As stated, anything can be bad, depending on how it's done or even if someone's body can't tolerate said movement, which is then blamed on to the movement not the person's body, with slipped discs, for example, which may have already been present but just aggravated further.

There's nothing inherently wrong with either sit-ups or curls, we have to do one or the other when getting out of bed, everyday of our lives, but we don't suffer as a result.

There are even studies (?) or quack ideas (more to the point) that suggest the spine can only flex so many number of times (an exact number, they give, strangely) before the spinal disc is damaged...not that anybody could have ever even tracked that, accurately, it's impossible...but, they still state fact, I sat and worked it out, and with exercise alone, they would have had a person going into the slipped disc danger area where reps were concerned (even doing a minimum of 10 sit-ups per day) and that's excluding the amount of times a person would have got out of bed, bent down, or even got up off the floor, during their's just nuts. When I say they, I mean the people that stated the fact...I have it in a book somewhere but can't recall the exact data, it's unimportant anyway, though someone may take it seriously without thinking it through.

It's a case of being smart and not overdoing it with the core as with other areas of the body, but flexing and extending the spinal column pushes fresh nutrients into the discs, so it's a good thing.

The trunk is meant to flex and extend, so we should flex and extend it.
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