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roadrider97 is off to a good startroadrider97 is off to a good startroadrider97 is off to a good startroadrider97 is off to a good start
Default RoadRider97 is becoming a JUGGERNAUT

Gender: Male
Training Experience: 6 months now. (Have always done a few lifts here and there, constantly rode a bike (road and mountain) for 8 years with no lifting.

Sold my bike and got lazy. Been hitting SNAP fitness now since Jan and have came a long way thus far. I constantly read on ways to improve and have developed healthier habits at home and on the road. (example, went from bottle of Jack a week to one drink a month.) Dr. told me I was on the fast road out and that something had to change.

Have been using a few workouts found online and gave them a few modifications. Using Jefit to track my workouts and progression.

Goals for the next 82 days is to see more size and definition.

Eating is not a problem. 6 small meals a day with 2 shakes during the day.

Excited about using the JUGG HP,getting big pumps and seeing bigger gains.

Im more addicted now and do not want to miss a day at the gym.
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