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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I think in his case the best thing to do is to work with his fears. Any form of activity or strengthening is going to help him, especially as he ages.

There are some people who simply won't listen to reason. This can be especially hard with loved ones. At the end of the day it's best to remember that having him exercise at all is a good thing.

I would continue encourage that good behavior. At the end of the day any form of exercise will help with his general health.

Maybe over time as he builds confidence and good habits you can start to show his some transformation stories:

Body Transformations: Amazing Muscle Gain & Fat Loss Transformations | Muscle & Strength

These stories often speak to our loved ones much more than any of our words could.

He might be open to exercises like stiff leg dumbbell deadlifts or peg presses. Every moderate weight on these lifts would help to bring up some base strength levels.
Thanks for BtB, I think you're right that any exercise is better than none and i will continue to encourage him to very slowly progress. I'll make sure to mention SL dumbell deadlifts. Again thanks BtB i'll let you know how it went in the future !

Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
OHDL, your dad may be concerned about doing any exercise that may potentially take his necessary assistance away from a daughter that relies heavily on him as well which may be a reason that he avoids exercises which he feels may aggravate an existing condition or possibly cause, we don't know how bad his hip/back injury is (was), it may well be a disc issue or a degenerative condition that he has to be very careful with.
I never thought about it like that Lifter, that's a very good point. The injury occurred at the gym, he was carrying 18 kg (40 lb) dumbells across the gym and whilst attempting to put them down he aggravated his lower back. He has went to a specialist and they confirmed it was his hip that was causing lower back pain. He was given stretches to do and does them every second day, though it should be everyday.
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