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I'm quitting next week!
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It was time for this freight train to stopover in Heavyville. It has been a few months since I squatted 315+. Triples were a good call tonight, as everything felt great and just right. Goals were to bury the lighter stuff, hit legal depth on the heavy stuff, and escape with no misses nor injuries, all the while keeping decent form. 20 repper at the end was just awesome - I haven't done that in at least a couple of years. Back to lighter weight and I am hoping this session will make 275 X8-10 buried reps feel light-ish.

95 X5
115 X5
145 X5

185 X3
225 X3
255 X3
275 X3
295 X3
315 X3 Vid
335 X3
335 X3 Vid
315 X3
295 X3
275 X3
255 X3

225 X20 Vid

Front Squats
95 X5
115 X5
135 X3
155 X3

175 X10 Vid
175 X10
175 X10
175 X10
175 X10 Vid

Thought about doing some Gobbies but I ran out of Squatoline.

Already looking forward to a speedy recovery and benching with the boys on Saturday! Bring on the Collagen!

Squatter315X3Squat - YouTube

Squatter335X3Squat - YouTube

Squatter225X20Squat - YouTube

Squatter175X10FrontSquatFrontView - YouTube

Squatter175X10FrontSquatSideView - YouTube
Great workout Super Jim! Lots and lots of squats there bud! Nice to see you throwing the heavy stuff around again and feeling good! Killed it bud!!!
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