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I really don't know what I feel where vitamins are concerned, there are so many opposing studies, it could come down to the quality of the vitamin, maybe, but guaranteed, if it does come down to that, the general public aren't getting the best quality stuff.

Studies show that higher percentages, within study groups, 60+% (high 60s) ended up with cancer compared to those that were given placebos, however, that could be that they were just predisposed to cancer to begin with and nothing whatsoever to do with the study.

People that are lacking in red blood cells are put on iron supplements for about 3 months and it appears to bring the iron count back up...hubby went through that a while back when his red blood cell count was extremely low.

B-Vitamins are also used for specific purposes as are other vitamins.

The problem is, are they better used when required as opposed to used just for the sake of taking them and secondly, are they better in higher dosages but short-term unlike the multivit types which are low doses (in comparison) used longterm.

People take HCL but don't necessarily require it, then it becomes pointless or even problematical.
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