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Welcome to MAB.
Thank you!

Regarding the program listed, is that something you created, or something from his book?
Yes this is in his 531 2nd edition, itīs called the "more squatting" template and it is awesome so far. I will take it easy with the volume and back off intensity if needed.

Excellent progress.
Thanks in fact, now, my squat 1RM has upped 40 kilos in 4 weeks even though I train well below my max on a daily basis. The last one was a 220 kilo grinder, I have never pushed myself to grind out a true max, thatīs one of the reasons that my squat has improved so quickly!
220kg 485 lbs Video: index=2

--Intermediate - Upper/Lower with moderate volume, training for reps between 65 to 80% for the most part.

The intermediate stage should be run as long as possible, and milked until a lifter is brutally strong. After this point a transition to 85% work can begin. It should start slow, and evolve based on needs.
I will definately take this into consideration! Wendler has numerous upper/lower splits in his book that fits into these parameters in the intermediate stage! Thanks for the input!

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