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Originally Posted by emekajokammor View Post
Interesting topic Bam.

I, myself, could not do this without strong faith in God. By nature, to the outside eye, bbing is a self indulging sport but it takes a team to help that person get on stage. That team for me consist of God, my wife, my pastor, my coach, and my training partners. I don't understand how some people do this without believing. Every time I get under a bar with 495lbs on it and attempt to lift it above my chest, I am saying to myself "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" or before I put 600+lbs on my back and attempt to squat to the floor and up as many times as I can i'm saying to myself "For with God nothing shall be impossible"

I understand that some people let bbing consume them and faith becomes that "other" talk but at some point they will have to realize bbing has a time limit, lol. As a Christian, I know to put God first in all things and that is why bbing takes a back seat to my faith. BBing is a part of my life but my faith is my life.

During my prep, i'm usually very emerged into my faith. Prayer and meditation upon waking, worship before and during cardio, prayer on my way to work, etc. I am this way because physically, mentally, and emotionally I have to give myself to Him to keep me. Contest Prep takes its toll and the only way that I know to keep me smiling and having a good time all the way through my prep is to lean on my faith.

My wife and I attend church as much as possible, lol. 3 times a week. We are known as the fitness couple in the church. My pastor often uses us to demonstrate certain talking points and illustrate parts of the Word. Our walk in fitness is something that we use in the church to help other Christians see that we must be fully mindful of our bodies. Jesus didn't travel all over the world by plane, train, or bus. He had to be in shape to walk from city to city and preach the gospel! lol.

BBing is a tool that I was given. Most of my workout partners are not saved and I working on them. I get them to come to church with me, I testify to them, I let them know what the Word says, I encourage them to pray and talk to God. These are guys that I would not have known if it wasn't for bbing. I'm probably the only person that talks to them about God but one day He will touch them and they will be changed for life.

So how do I manage bbing and my faith. I manage bbing with my faith.
That's what I am talking about. You have now moved up to just behind the Blond Bomber on my list of all time favorite body builders. That is #3, Jesus (Phil 4:13), Draper, you. Impressive!
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