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Furious is off to a good startFurious is off to a good startFurious is off to a good start
Default SS with I.F. ..... college freshman

Hi this is my first log here. I have been lifting for about 1 year and a few months.

I started doing the stupid body-builder workouts with volume(all isolation) that I could not handle and wasted a good 9 months not getting any progress on top of that I was doing 40-50 min of steady low intensity cardio and consumed almost no protein.

After 8 moths with no significant results I took a pause later on I got my shit together and started 5x5 StrongLifts. I did that for a good 4-5 months and got the best strength and size results. After taking a few months break I came back in the gym and felt like shit. I started jumping from one routine to another and I realized ...screw it I am doing doing SS until its impossible for me to get any more strength gains or results.

Biggest lifts

Squat - 275x5
Bench - 250x4
Dead lift-365x2
Rows- 245x5

I enjoyed 5X5 but I will give S.S. a try and then go into Texas method

I weight 255 /6'2

Also I am doing I.F. 20 hours fast 4 hours feeding window in the morning.

Primary Goals:

-Work my way around my flat feet and tight legs to start squatting ATG and hit 315

- Cut down to about 220 without losing strength
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