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Default Detailed Myo Blitz review

Alright boys and girls, for your viewing pleasure, here's the long awaited video reaction to my try with the new Cool Fruit Punch flavor Myo Blitz! Read on after the video to get my full reaction to all three flavors.

First Impressions

I went into this experience having only tried the Fruit Punch Fusion flavor of the original Myo Blitz. While I wasn’t completely turned off by the flavor, it was a bit strange to have a fruit punch flavored supplement with a minty cool aftertaste from the Senza Cool flavoring system. A lot of people just couldn’t come to grips with it, not to mention the occasional stomach problems that I frequently heard and read about in product reviews.

I received three new flavors to try out: Cool Strawberry Melon, Cool Lemon Melon, and Cool Fruit Punch. I’ve never seen melon paired with either of those other flavors before, so I was a bit curious about those two. I also heard that Senza Cool was being taken out, but the word “cool” still prefaced each flavor, so I wanted to see how the aftertastes compared.

Having only heard about the flavoring changes and no ingredient profiles changes (as of now, those are still in the works Wink ), I was expecting the same type of performance from the new flavors as the O.G. version of Myo. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the effects of the new flavors even more! I wonder if they already made some changes to the profile? We’ll see soon enough.

Mixability: 11/10

As you can see from the video, the mixability of this stuff was unreal. It dissolved as soon as it hit the water all three times. I barely even needed to shake my shaker and there was absolutely no foam or residue at the bottom no matter how much water I used (anywhere from 8-12 oz). While the original version mixed up just fine, this new stuff definitely provides a leg up in the mixability department and is probably the easiest mixing supp I’ve ever tried. They also mixed relatively see-through, so I know it’s not loaded with dye and filler. This could solve some of the stomach issues from the original version.

Taste: 8.67/10

All three flavors had a pleasant smell to them upon opening the package, nothing too overbearing or fake about it. I’ll rank the flavors in order of how I liked them:

Cool Strawberry Melon: 9.5/10
Cool Lemon Melon: 8.5/10
Cool Fruit Punch: 8/10

I wish I still had the video reaction of me drinking the strawberry! Man that stuff was delicious! I honestly could only taste a hint of melon in the aftertaste, and it was more of a generally fruity aftertaste than a strictly melon aftertaste.

But the strawberry was lights out! Incredibly refreshing, and there was a cool aftertaste to it but WAY toned down from the Senza Cool. It was very pleasant and not artificial tasting at all. I used the most water in this one but the flavor very mild (in a good way) and not overly sweet. When I try this flavor again, I’m going to use less water to make the flavor a bit stronger, then it would be nearly perfect! Honestly, one of the best tasting pre workouts I’ve ever tried. I’m having a hard time finding any direct comparisons, but I’d kick back and drink this stuff 24/7 just for the taste. I had a hard time believing the same product was even in there, but the effects during my workout definitely confirmed they were!

Cool Lemon Melon also falls into the “drink just to drink” category, as does the Cool Fruit Punch. I used about 8-10 oz water in each of these so the flavor was a bit stronger. Again, the Lemon was basically just lemon tasting, I couldn’t really taste the melon. Very pleasing and not overly tart or too sweet like A LOT of lemon supplements are. Finished “cool” and smooth. When the new flavors come out, I’m definitely mixing the strawberry and lemon together!

The Cool Fruit Punch is a BIG step up from the original. The original was a very “deep” fruit punch flavor and tasted somewhat synthetic but nothing terrible in my opinion. The new version is very mild and just as refreshing as the other two. I just rank the other two higher because I have a bias towards those flavors, but anyone who is still concerned with the taste of Fruit Punch: DON’T BE! One of the better fruit punch flavors I’ve tasted, no synthetic taste at all, and the cool aftertaste is going to be way more pleasing to more people than the Senza Cool version. Not exactly sure what’s making it taste “cool”, but I like it, so I won’t ask questions.

Energy: 8.5/10

All three flavors kicked in within 10 minutes of taking it and lasted for a few hours after I was already home from the gym. This is HUGE for a stim junkie like me. It usually takes a double or triple dose of something to hit me like that, and even when I double dosed the original Myo, I crashed about as often as I didn’t. I’m almost positive there was only one serving in the sample packet I received based on how much powder was in there, and not many supplements can get me going off one scoop like this did. Of course, there’s always room for more clean energy in my opinion, which is why this gets an 8.5 and not higher. But I’m sure I can just use more scoops when the new flavors come out.

Focus/Mood: 9.5/10

This aspect was about as amazing as the mixability. As soon as the stimulants kicked in, my mood went through the roof. I was singing along with the music on my iPod and I was zoning in on just my warmup sets. The focus I got from this rivaled Anabolic Kreations G33k3d, and I triple dosed that every time. I had just about the same focus from just one sample serving of Myo, and my mood was significantly enhanced with the Myo as well, which wasn’t really the case with the G33k3d. With G33k3d, it was more “lift heavy things fast, repeat”, but with Myo, I was in a great mood and having a blast in the gym, even on my heaviest sets of squats.

Pump: 7.5/10

The pump was definitely there, just not anything too crazy. When I ran the original version, I ran it in conjunction with Testogen-XR and Stacked-NO. That trio together delivered MASSIVE pumps. The new Myo alone did fairly well, as I saw some thick veins in my forearms and calves no matter what bodypart I was training, which is a sign for me that I have a good pump going. I do better with higher doses of Agmatine and Citrulline, so I think this is also an area that can be remedied by using more than one serving.

Overall: 9/10

Overall, I have to give the new Myo a solid 9. From the taste to the mixability to the mood to the focus, I was thoroughly impressed. As far as the energy and the pump goes, those can be amplified by using more than one serving, but just one serving still impressed the hell outta me.

Like iSam said, “change the flavor of Myo Blitz and the world will be a happier place.” Well guys, get ready for a happier world!

For anyone who may not have been a fan of the original version, I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll love the new version. While samples aren’t available at the moment, feel free to contact me for samples of the new flavors as soon as the new version hits the shelves!

As always… YEAH BUDDY!
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