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Hey man, I am new to these forums but I want to kind of share my experience and ask something. So from 16 years of age I started lifting for about 6 motnhs doing all isolation looking for stupid high volume advanced routines and of course I barely got any results. At 17 I found out about StrongLifts 5x5 and did the program for about 4 months.
Initial lifts Bench 135 Squat 175 Dead 175 Press 95

After 5x5 250 bench / 275 squat /315 Dead / 175 press

Pretty much I got great strength and size results but I had to stop lifting for a few month for stupid excuses like work and school.

Long story short I started lifting again but for some reason I could not hit these maxes for squats or dead-lifts. I got depressed and decided to stop doing strength and switched to GVT. I guess my issue is that my legs are super tight its not normal for me to doing 250 bench and 235 squat /dead-lifts so I am wondering if there is some video I can look into regarding from. I have been just generally feeling down knowing that I can't lift properly. Also I have been doing I.F. to cut down some fat so that might be an issue regarding strength decrease.

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