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Thanks fellas!

Thanks OMP! My bad ankle got shattered in a soccer game when I was 17, never did come back together right and it's steadily gotten worse over time even with a couple surgeries. Now it's osteo arthritis and 30% range of motion. I do quite a bit of various stretches to hang on to the range I have, but it won't get any better, to many bone spurs and junk in there so at a certain point I'm just grinding bone on bone, the ligaments aren't really the problem.

Last year my orthopedist said I'm going to need an ankle replacement at some point. I was stunned! So, I am putting off that day like I don't know what! Still, thanks for the ideas. I always look for different stuff to do to hit it from different angles. So I'll try those and see how it goes.

Well, I'm realizing I have been slacking on shoulder day so I need to get that going again. I haven't actually pressed OH in almost two months and it shows. For as much as I bench, I have pitiful shoulder strength in my opinion. Time to remedy that!

Tough day at the office today as those KB tornados really did a number on my core! Felt like my ribcage was just a loose collection of parts!

Mike's Old School Plan, week 2 in the books

warmups: Band shoulder and arm stuff to loosen up

1x 155 (suprised I struggled a bit with this, I was expecting to max around 175-80, but I wouldn't have got much more today, sore ribs didn't help)
2x 10x 110

2x 145 (pitiful)
4x 5x 115 (embarassing really)

BB Rows:
4x 10x 150 (bump this up a little next time)

2x 12x 145 (thought I would get 20 on second set, but shoulder clicked out)

2 Giant sets, no rest in between exercises, but 2 min between sets:
Rear raise: 10x 20, 20
Side Raise: 5x 20, 20 (bad shoulder doesn't like these, need to work this up slowly)
Front raise: 10x 20, 20
Hammers: 23x 20, 20
Band pushdowns: 20, 20

Decent all in all, but this day needs to improve.

10x 110:
2x 145:
5x 115:
15x 145:

There you go. Definitely some things to work on with shoulder day.
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