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There are a myriad of things wrong with crossfit.

1. This one is already in the original question. They do strength workouts sometimes. SOMETIMES? I don't see much point in doing anything sometimes. If I'm doing something I want to be as good as possible at it, and crossfit makes people just kind of good at a few things. Actually, the main thing it makes you better at is crossfit, and who cares? It's supposed to be a training system. Who cares if you get better at training but have no way of showing it?

If you want to be great at something then you can't try to be great at lots of other things too.

2. "functional fitness"? That's their whole thing, and it pisses me off. I can deadlift a lot of weight. I can squat and bench quite a bit too. If you think that my strength is not applicable if you take away the barbell and make me lift something that's oddly shaped or awkward to hold, then you're going to be disappointed when the strength I developed with weights turns out to be real damn functional no matter what I'm picking up or moving, and I didn't have to do any weird, stupid "exercises" some jackass came up with on his way to work to get it.

I'm ok with unorthodox training, but why mess with possible injury and looking like a moron when the basics work so damn well?

3. One of the reasons that the Americans keep getting their asses kicked in weightlifting every 4 years in the Olympics, even though we have one of the largest talent pools in the world, is because our team focusses almost exclusively on the events themselves; the clean and jerk and the snatch. This is all based on the premise that if you want to lift more in the clean and jerk and the snatch then you should TRAIN the clean and jerk and the snatch. But those lifts aren't designed to be training tools. They are designed as a collective TEST of overall body strength, and no matter how good you are at the lifts, it's all for not if you aren't STRONG AS F$(&.

So crossfit comes along and takes some of the most dangerous, technical lifts ever created which are also some of the most useless for building strength and has you do them when you're already out of breath. Oh yeah, great idea there. I should also mention that the worse you are at these lifts, the less effective they are for building strength because you CAN'T EFFECTIVELY LOAD THE MOVEMENT. THAT'S the key. Squats and deadlifts are so much easier to teach and get right compared to cleans and snatches, and therefore they can be loaded more effectively to yield better, safer results.

But in the end effective loading is what this is all about. If you go run, then do some other weird stuff, then try to lift all in a times circuit, you're never going to get the most out of each activity. You won't run as hard as you could, and you won't lift as heavy as you could if you gave special attention to each thing and gave it it's own time in your programming.

They sacrifice effective programming to be cool and hardcore, and people are eating it up.

4. Pushing yourself to the edge of consciousness and trying to get yourself to puke are both STUPID. EFFING STUPID. You burn yourself out without ever really getting anything out of it. Yes, I push myself when I train, and most people who train DON'T push themselves nearly enough, but more isn't always better. You have to know when to push yourself and when to back off to get the most out of your sessions, and again, that comes into play with effective programming that's based on a combination of science, experience, and past results.

Sometimes I'll go to PT in the morning and someone will be complaining about how they can't lift their arms and their shoulders are so sore because they went to the gym yesterday with someone else who made them do shoulders for an hour straight. Lateral raises, overhead press, overhead press MACHINE, lateral raise MACHINE (why the Hell do people feel the need to do dozens of sets of redundant exercises?), then they finish off with shrugs in the squat rack. They have fallen into the trap of "more is better", and now they can't feel their hands and their shoulders ache for days and days. They think they're being hardcore and training hard, but they're really just training stupid and paying the price later on. Just like crossfit.
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