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Thanks fellas!

Today was a bit of a grind. Not sure why, but I wasn't going to let it stop me from doing anything. Just made the day tougher than I expected going in. Sometimes you bite the bear and sometimes the bear bites you I guess. Today was a tie though.

Mike's Old School Plan, week 2

warmups: Jump Rope, hip and leg stuff
Dynamic: P. Cleans up to a miss at 175, 2x 135 (saving myself for challenge tomorrow)

1x 315 (much better this week, add 5)
2x 10x 240

Pause Squat:
2x 245
4x 5x 200

Sumo Deadlift:
2x 12x 185

Core: Tornados: 3x 10 each wayx 20KB

Narrow Squat/GM, more for stretch and blood flow:
135x 6 (3+3), 5 straight, 2 each (Decided I don't like these)

Back yoga and leg stretches.

Lots of good work done, so I'm pleased. Challenge tomorrow might be brutal though. Tann might be able to keep his wool helicopter dammit.

175 miss, I'm trying to catch these lower, but obviously the margin for error gets a bit fine the more you commit to getting under the bar. I'll get it though! Now I have an upper limit to work with for now:
10x 240, first set:
2x 245 Pause:
5x 200 Pause:
Sumo 12x 185:

Flat soles didn't help the squatting any and you can see how inflexible my bad ankle is as the heel keeps coming up. But really I don't think these are doing what I want them to do which is stretch and get blood going. They just kind of made me feel worse afterward.

Anyway, there you go. Plowed through it. Massive eating tonite. I know it looks like I am wasting away. haha. But I am just keeping it clean and eating as much as I want. Just no crap, although I am going to have a beer tonite, maybe two, but no more than that.

Onward and upward.
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