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UPDATE...I got attacked about my anti-I, Bodybuilder post. I offered a challenge to the reader:

Reader: “at the top of this very page of yours is a google ad telling me I can add 15lbs in 8 weeks with hypergain, (a creatine supplement). A much more ridiculous claim. why are you not attacking them?”

Muscle and Brawn: A) I don’t control Google ads. B) Creatine works great. I’ve had great experiences with creatine monohydrate.

Reader: “It is a free program not something to buy. they do highly recommend their supplement protocol and say you will over train without it. Therein lies the secret to the program, it’s going to be brutal.”

Muscle and Brawn: So, let’s see…the program is free, but you will over-train if you don’t purchase their supplements? Hmm…I wasn’t born yesterday. I’ll give you a free car (what a nice guy I am), but you need to pay me $100 a gallon for the special fuel I’m selling to drive it. A scam is a scam is a scam.

Reader: “They are very open with the fact that Christian was detrained and there was some muscle memory and a little fat gain in his results.”

Muscle and Brawn: Oh, really? That’s not what it says off the I, Bodybuilding article. And I quote:

“Christian gained 27 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks, and was doing seated overhead presses with 375 pound for 5 cluster reps. Christian is already an advanced-level bodybuilder, and in his best condition prior to starting the program. So building a substantial amount of new muscle mass, on top of his existing development, would be more difficult than, say, someone at the intermediate level.”
The article on T-Nation states that Christian gained the muscle ON TOP of his already existing, substantial, development.

Reader: “a couple of months back I put on 10lbs in less than a month just by switching to a higher volume program…If I could have maintained that rate for another month before I stalled out I would have beaten their claim”

Muscle and Brawn: If, huh? I guess you decided you were already too big? If I could have sustained the gains I experienced my first year of training, Ronnie Coleman would be asking me for advice. If doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s not reality.

Reader: “No offense but it doesn’t seem like you even read the entire article or any of the many discussions on there before trashing it.”

Muscle and Brawn
: No offense, but I think you’ve drank the Kool-aid. I will pay for ALL your supplement costs if you run an I, Bodybuilder log on my forum, use a caliper and video log your results, and gain more then 20 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks. In fact, I will give you an additional $250 on top of that.

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