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Thanks fellas! 425 or bust. Haha. OMP, The local Rock station here in Richmond is AWESOME.

Wasn't sure about today as my whole back was fried from the deadlifting yesterday. I was worried arching would cause it to spasm or make it painful to get set up, but after some "shouts" about the matter, I decided not to be a wuss and go ahead and see what happened. I did however use a trick I got from JB about using something to prop your back and I also used my belt for most sets. Worked great and I got better as I went along. Nice.

Just some shoulder stuff for warmups, nothing to stress my back.
No dynamic lift either.

1x 240 pause
2x 10x 185

Pause Bench:
2x 225
4x 5x 175 (all paused and had dropped pillow and board supports, dropped belt for last set)

DB Rows:
4x 10x 75

2x 12x 95
(I used a Rippitoe trick in that I pushed my hips forward and drove head through when it got tough. Noticeable pop off the shoulders! Got these 95s with ease.)

Pacifico Lying Extensions:
50+EZ (75?) x 15, 15, 11
(last set was steel cage death match)
ss w/ Face Pulls: 4x 20

Hammers: 2x 10x 23

Measured arms at 16 and 5/8 after this session! 20+ BF though.

Was tough at first to figure out how to get lower body tight with supports under back, but got better as I went along.

I'm going to raise my max on bench as I set it at 285, but these sets are a bit too easy I think. I don't know why bench percentages are so much easier than squat and deadlift percentages.

240 pause:
First 10x 185:
Second 10x 185:
Pause 2x 225:
Third 5x 175 paused:
Fourth 5x 175 paused:

Camera died! Wish I could have got OHP sets, but there you go. I'll do that Saturday.

I also think I'm going to work it so I have at least a day on both sides of my deadlift, so I'm not supposed to bench right after deadlifting. So, like Mon deadlift, wed bench, fri squat and saturday OHP. I've never deadlifted fiirst in the week before, so there is a learning curve here, but no question the way I arch is tough after deadlifting the day before so I need to remedy that.

Good stuff, onward and upward.
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