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Smile Training greetings

Hello all,

I hope this e-mail finds you in good health!

Im a Swedish 50 years old man who recently became a father for the first time. Working full time and also have a family takes a lot of time but I still want to train and keep in shape. After a very long lay off I want to get back into training again. I want to get back into training and hopefully to build some strength and muscles.

After watching Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan 1981 I wanted to look like him. That made start doing bodybuilding. This lead me into many different training routines mainly from the muscle magazines. The routines promised me quick and easy results. I kept searching and training for 20 years with perionds of lay offs. Then 8 years ago I totally lost interested in using weights and going to gyms. My main reason for losing interest was due to not getting result the bodybuilding magazines promised. I got bored with my training. Afterwards it seems like I just made myself fat from all the bulk supplement I ate. Before I started training I was a rather small guy with a small frame. I lean more to be a hardgainer type when it comes to build muscles and strength.

Now though my motivation to train has returned and I want to start training again. And this time in productive manner.

Best to all of you!

Per Hedberg
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