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Default A Good Dirty Bulk For 15 Pounds

Having weighed over 200 lbs before, somewhere in the middle of March(and a month before with little consistency) I decided I was going to get my weight on the scale and bar back up to what it was before losing so much at the end of last summer. In March, I was getting more consistent in the gym, and my eating was too. On the 26th, my fiancee left me. I took a couple of workouts off. The next week I was hellbent on totaling 1200 at a meet in I'm back to about 200 pounds. I went somewhere right below around 185 in the middle of March to now being around 200 pounds. I certainly look bigger, and I am certainly stronger. I've hit a lot of lifetime PR's. Given they aren't significant in the grand scheme of things, but they're definitely nice. No, I'm not putting any pictures up. I look about what a 200 lb 6'3" guy would look like. Maybe a slightly larger back and more lean than some maybe... So what have I been doing?

As I've told my mom: Lots of meat, eggs, milk, and Mountain Dew. A normal day has looked something like this: 6-8 eggs for breakfast, a few sausage patties, and 3 glasses of milk mixed with protein powder. A few times a week for lunch I would usually have an Arby's Max roast beef sandwich or two. If I couldn't afford two, I would order the value meal and get the fries and a Mountain Dew. Each time I ate there, I had at least a liter of Mountain Dew. Dinners were usually a whole frozen pizza or something along those lines. Thrown in between was usually a can or two of another type of pop(usually Dr. Pepper), an extra protein shake or two(same as the morning shake) and any type of meat I could get my hands on. Often I'd eat a couple more eggs in the evening. Also, to chicken, I made sure I added ranch dressing. I never have been a big fan of the stuff, but it's a few extra calories.

So, if you wanna gain a decent bit of weight pretty fast- eat horribly with lots of protein and lifting thrown in. I doubt my gains would have been so solid had I not carried nearly the same amount of muscle in the past. But, I'm stronger and more muscular than I was last summer. However, I think it may be time to slow down on some of the Mountain Dew and highly processed foods- there's always too much of one good thing.
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