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Originally Posted by SecondsOut View Post
that's because now you're taking my comment out of context.
PhillyDev asked a valid question and then made a valid point about excess carbs getting stored as fat:

you then argued against his point:

and that's where my post came in. you disagreed with PD based on your understanding of "insulin spike" and glycemic index. my comment was showing you how you're misunderstanding how glycemic index works and that you're claiming too much authority on a topic that isn't even fully understood yet (in terms of sports nutrition).
and i suppose this all gets back to your shake in terms of the concern some of us had for the high carb + high calorie + low protein shake recipe you posted.

you make it looks too complicated
despite it's not

100gr carbs aint huge amount

Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
Nothing is ever that simple...non-sugared fizzy drinks with artificial sweeteners can raise insulin levels but they have zero-GI.
we re talking about food here

oh wait,just notice that
every food, i think raises the insulin,that's not bad
the insulin spike is bad
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