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SwolenONE is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Propadrol is a PH.

EST lists Methyl Mass as containing Propadrol.

Methyl Mass does not contain "Propadrol" Propadrol, but a chemical derivative, which doesn't make it the real Propadrol.

Bottom isn't a PH.

The "Propadrol" in Methyl Mass is: 6-17 dihydroxyetiocholove-3-ol proponate

The original Propadrol was: 12-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-diene 17
6-17 dihydroxyetiocholone-3-ol proponate

The original required PCT and was a PH:

Does propadrol require PCT? - Forums

I am no chemist, so I contacted EST and they said it is not a PH.

Should you take it? That's between you and your parents.
NO way, whatsoever should Kman take this product.

Propadrol is simply a trademarked name. We USED TO have a PH named Propadrol, we CURRENTLY have a preWO that contains an AI in which we call Propadrol as it is our trademarked name to use as we see fit.

I can absolutely see where the confusion comes from, but hopefully I have cleared everything up.

If not, feel free to ask away.

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