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I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by Randoja View Post
You are going to love it man, it is impossible not to feed of the energy at a meet. You will kill it!
Thanks Randy!

Originally Posted by KD5NFW View Post
Awesome news that you are going to compete Jay! I think you will excel under those circumstances!!
Thanks Rich! Hope so!

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I'm right there with you Hunter. I hate bright lights and crowds with an absolute passion. I won't even go into a Target or Walmart. I give you big props for giving it a go.
Thanks OR!

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Breaking News
I've decided to compete!
I ordered a singlet, and mailed the entry form and money.
Steve was gracious enough to let me hitch a ride with him and Erin. I know he will help me a ton at the meet too.
This was a very difficult decision to reach. Lifting at home, in my environment, dark, no people...I've been able to push through my pain and problems pretty well, or I think so. Doing this meet will be a big challenge! New place and different equipment not a huge deal, maybe? But I'm sure the bright lights will take a big toll on me and my photosensitivity. Then lifting around a bunch of people, not really my thing ! I like alone or small groups, I hate crowds. And then there's the little thing about doing all 3 lifts as heavy as possible in one day, lol. But even if I do horrible, at least I'll have tried to do my best. Kind of an expensive experiment, but at least I'll not have the regret of not even trying.
I asked JB for his advice on how to train as I don't have a long time. Here's his advice and what I'll be doing. I will probably start paused bench right away though, the other lifts I should be ok.

Originally Posted by J_Byrd
why dont you take a lighter week this week, then gives you 8 training weeks to get ready.

weeks 1-3 continue what you are doing
week 4- drop one set off of each aux movement
weeks 5-6 drop down to only 1 aux movement after Main lift
weeks 7-8 just main lifts no aux stuff.*
week 9 rest up
week 10- kick ass.*

As far as reps, keep doing what you are doing, week 6-7-8 we might should play around with some various pauses and stuff to get ready, but really your on the right track. Hope that helps.
Right now I weigh 201, so I'm going to lower my cals a little and try and compete in the 198lb class. I'm going to try and not stress this as I know my scale will probably not match theirs.
I believe I can get a 900 total unless I do horrible. I'm shooting for 1000 though, as I think I can get this on a good day. But we will see what happens!!!
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