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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Haha! Thanks for taking it the right way.

To tell you the truth, now that I look back on it, I really think I was writing that for myself more so than for you in a way. I have been feeling lately that I am not going into sessions with the right mental outlook. I need to be more sure of myself, stop doubting or fussing about this or that, quit over thinking, etc. I think as I was reading your log, some of the things you were saying struck me as things I do that I think I need to change in myself. I think I was transferring that onto you, maybe too much. My main point though was I think you don't sound confident in yourself and you should be. I could be wrong about that impression though of course. You do tend to write sort with a wry humor that I may be misinterpretting.

But that's why I like reading everyone's logs! It helps me work through my own problems.

Now let's see those speed deads! Bring forth video of the massive pulls!

Just continue to rub it in that my own deadlift sucks!! But, I'm working on it!!
No problem. I'm actually really confident in my lifting but for me it's all internal and I'd likely come across as arrogant if I were to write about it. You're right about the way I write things, it probably gives the wrong impression. My problem is that when I feel things starting to slow down or if I think there's a chance of form going off I'll start to back off. That's one of the reasons I was going to give a percentage based program a run with strict rep/set protocols to push myself. Not really following a percentage based program now, just set some baselines using prilepins and lowered maxes and adding weight weekly from there.

Hopefully it helped you anyway, it helped me push that little harder today. Feel free to post anything like this in my log, I like to be made to think.

No massive pulls but work nonetheless.

10/05/13 - Squat, Bench & Dead
Band hip/throacic and shoulders, OH squats

Oly Squat
110kg x 8 x 3

Still fairly easy, cardio more than anything.

2ct. Pause Bench
110kg x 1
117.5kg x 1
90kg x 3 x 6

Just what I've been needing, gives me chance to really play around at the bottom and get my positioning spot on.

Conventional w/Belt
185kg x 1
205kg x 1
170kg x 3 x 5
170kg x 5 Couple extra for Mike but cam died

Warm ups were solid, bar was leaving the ground before I pulled but the singles were off. Last few triples were spot on, tweaked a few things on my setup, rather than letting my back get out of position between the dips I kept it solid and it got my hips in a lot better position to lockout without slowing down in the last couple inches. Sadly my cam died on the last.

Feel pretty damn good at the minute even whilst dieting.

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