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Default T-Nation, I, Bodybuilder, loses it's marbles

T-Nation is officially gone the way of insanity. It's pimping the new, I, Bodybuilder program waaaay over the top...

"Christian gained 27 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks, and was doing seated overhead presses with 375 pound for 5 cluster reps.

"Christian is already an advanced-level bodybuilder, and in his best condition prior to starting the program. So building a substantial amount of new muscle mass, on top of his existing development, would be more difficult than, say, someone at the intermediate level.

"Before officially starting the project, I wanted Christian to test the entire program on himself. He spent three weeks dialing in to the new training methodology, and three weeks on our shoulder specialization program. All six weeks, however, he was loading the Anaconda™ formula and nutrient-partitioning carbs into an insulin surge, as part of each workout.

"Six weeks later, like I said, Christian had gained 27 pounds of solid muscle, and ended the shoulder program doing seated overhead presses with 375 pounds for 5 cluster reps! He ended the sixth week weighing 239 pounds. He's now substantially stronger than he ever was as an Olympic lifter. And the kicker is, he still had 75 percent of the program left to do!

"Christian, of course, is in the genetic freak category. So, even in spite of the fact he's already an advanced lifter, it could be argued that his results are certainly going to be above average. Still, adding that much muscle and that much strength to an already advanced lifter — adding that much muscle to anybody, for that matter — is way beyond impressive.

"Another example is Sebastien, who's currently in the final and brutal weeks of contest prep. Keeping that in mind makes his already very impressive results even more impressive.

"Sebastien gained 20 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks and added 100 pounds to his front squat, while cutting body fat for the bodybuilding contest.

"Kevin is another advanced bodybuilder who's on the program, but he's not currently preparing for a contest.

"Kevin gained 24 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks, while losing 14 pounds of fat and adding 50 pounds to his bench press.

"Another example is Christian's training partner, Nick. Nick's not actually a bodybuilder. He's just a normal guy with a very busy life and a lot of commitments to juggle. In addition to unofficially being in our project — if that wasn't hard enough — Nick works construction, has a family to support, and trains for boxing twice a week.

"At five-foot-eight, he's also a former fatty. And through Christian's previous supervision over the last year, he'd gotten down to a fairly lean 175 pounds, where he finally began to see his abs for the very first time. Christian strictly managed Nick's carb intake to get him in that condition, which unfortunately, also made him carb-phobic.

"So when Nick was first introduced to loaded insulin surges, it was like trying to talk someone into drinking a bottle of Drano. It took an awful lot of convincing, but we not only managed to get him using loaded insulin surges, but we've replaced his phobia with an addiction.

"In eight weeks of faithfully using loaded insulin surges and training with HTH methods, he certainly has a new appreciation and perspective on carbs.

"Nick ended up gaining 20 pounds of new muscle and increasing his bench press by 55 pounds, and that's addictive.

"After experiencing these kinds of results, from week to week, it's impossible to be satisfied with anything else. These guys are hooked — we're all totally hooked — and simply refuse to train any other way.

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