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I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by MaryEllen View Post
I wish I was someone who could go back and read all the "backlog", but i'm not, okay, but i'm here to start reading the new stuff!
Thanks Mary Ellen! No problem, nothing happened until you got here anyway!

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Greats PRz per usual Jay. Smash that shit.
Thanks Fen!

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Strong work in here Hunt..
Thanks Palmer!

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Awesome work're a machine
Thanks Gabe! You're the machine bud!

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Week 5, Day 1 & 2
Military Press
Bar x 10
95x 3
135x 8+ PR tie + a 1/2 or 3/4 ...almost had 9 but couldn't lock it out.
95x 15 PR ...vid, not showing, it's blocked because of ZZ Top's "I've got the six", F'king lame youtubes!!! Felt like quitting after this, I was so tired and my head was a shithole full of sh!t!
Sumo Deadlift
135x 1
225x 1
315x 6 PR ...vid. After this I sat down and then had to hurry over to the basin tub and dry heave for a minute. I felt like death and once again almost called it a day. But can't skip Power Shrugs! Maybe an unwise choice?
Power Shrugs
405x 15 PR ...vid. Almost barfed during my set, you can see my hesitation around rep 13! And then the fat lady was singing!!!
Done! Little sleep, but that's every day. Head crap, but that's every day too! Might not do anything cept Squats the rest of this week and possibly take next week off??? I feel like total hell right now, and my body feels destroyed!!!
315x 6 PR
Sumo Deadlift - YouTube
405x 15 PR
Power Shrugs - YouTube
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