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Thanks fellas! Thanks OR, didn't mean for that to come out wrong. Just meant you work pretty darn hard, I'd be surprised if anything I do would wear you out.

And yes, my baby doll is cute as hell and knows it.

OK, great day today, but let me tell you, RAM after main bench sets.....NOT so easy! Whoa.

MikeM's Linear Plan week 1 day 2

warmups: Rowing, arm and shoulder mobility, light lat pulls
Dynamic: Pylo pushups 5x 3

1x 230 pause
3x 10x 185

Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns:
5x 12x 150

2x 225, 245, 275 (barely!)
235x 6, 4, 5

15x 75
15x 80 (barely)

Giant set:
Asisted Chins: 6, 5, 4
Band Pushdown: 3x 20
Hammers: 3x 10x 23

Upper body and arm stretches

Pause 230, sillyness afterward, but it was so easy I was thinkking of CT with 405 tlaking and started laughing during the pause:
Last 10x 185:
2x 275 RAM:
First 235 RAM:
15x 75 OHP did't expect much going in, but wasn't too bad:

Good stuff all in all. Not sure bout the RAM placement on my arm though. I had it up high in the videos as I started out that way, but it made setting up kinda hard and felt like I was touching too high too, not sure aboutthat though. I lowered to just past elbows on later sets, but that felt a little goofy too. So, is there a rule of thumb on these things as to where they go on your arm? Or just play with it and see?

Also, judging by this workout, I would say my triceps are not really a weakness in my bench? But then power off my chest isn't really a weakness either. My thinking around designing this program to alternate between working the upper and lower portions of each lift was so that I could see where I am weak. So where is my weakness on bench? Anbody know? JB?

If I fail, it's usually about 3-4 inches up does that mean I just need to keep working both upper and lower equally?

Still, rolling along. That's good.
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