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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
What is a reverse diet?

You probably experienced bounce back weight gain. That is not fat gain. No one you age gets fat quickly on 2500 calories. When you increase calories you will see additional water retention due to carb and sodium intake.

You have to also understand that you were starving yourself. Your body might rebel by adding more weight.

Right now we can't control that. You have to focus on the things you can control:

1) Eating properly
2) Getting strong

What does your workout plan look like right now?

Once we get you rolling on a solid workout, I want to give you the goal of adding 2 pounds a month for the first year. Maybe a hair more if your strength increases are rolling along well.

You're going to add a few pounds of fat. It won't be noticeable if you train right because you'll be muscular.
BIG BIG thank you for your input BBOD and sorry for the late response sir. Right now I do a full body M/W/F. Workout Routine

Bench 5x5 132lbs
Lunges 5x3 46lbs DB (5reps 3sets)
DB shoulder press 5x5 38lb DB
1 Arm DB bend over row 5x5 66lbs DB
Dips on a bench corner (i train at home) 5x3 57lbs DB between legs (5reps 3sets)
Pull ups 5x5 22lbs

I used to do squats before lunges 5x5 but it was difficult with no squat rack. I did them with DBs each arm also wearing a back pack with weights lol. I really like to train.

Also were you asking what a reverse diet was? I was thinking about adding calories weekly about 150cals a week until I reach my previous maintenance calories.

Again BIG thank you BBOD.

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