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Originally Posted by BravenFenix View Post
Mercola does have a large amount of information on his site and a good point for most people to start. However, they need to look deeper into topics... and he does make claims that get on my nerves and has a lot of overpriced and useless products.

For example, I never bothered looking into Vitamin d3 and so on because as someone stated it was more of a matter of consistency. The uber low carb/no carb, etc dogma gets annoying, but most of his readers are not athletes.

Point stands that his multi vitamin is great. One of the only supplements I buy. His views on gmo's, and fats are dead on... those are the things that matter most to the health of the over all population... and low carb helps them too, but again he goes wrong about demonizing them...
Well, we may have to agree to disagree. I think he's an absolutely terrible place to start for anyone. His views on fats are mistaken. I don't know what his views on GMOs are but I can guess. I just know somehow that he will have that all wrong too, because he gets everything wrong.

The fact that he dispenses health information and makes a very, very good living selling supplements should be screaming 'conflict of interest.' My view is that if your diet is reasonable you're better off not taking a multivit. And what's a good or bad multivit? Surely it's largely a question of market positioning - some aim for high profit margin by selling 'top end' multvits at a lower volume, some go for cheap and cheerful multivits sellingat a low margin but in bulk. How much difference can there be in content?

People like him do an emormous amount of damage. He exploits public distrust of any official agency by asserting that the 'official' version of nutrition cannot be correct. He is responsible for propagating nonsense about vaccinations and immunisation that, sadly, some people buy into - the greatest achievement of 20th century medicine, responsible for saving millions from ghastly diseases, rubbished by a two-bit quack.

He's a persuasive writer, and a successful businessman. But there are proper nutritional scientists out there on the net who have hundreds of articles published in peer-reviewed journals, who've devoted their whole lives to studying nutrition. Any if them would be a better place to start than him.
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