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Thanks fellas!

Brute, I taught in middle and elementary school for almost 13 years before staying home with my kids and running a business from home. Not much rattles me anymore

Yes, it probably does look familiar JB. Haha. And it is fun right now. I'm putting no pressure on myself working within myself and only pushing a little here and there. Not really thinking numbers, just thinking to work hard and have fun.

Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
My back would have been absolutely fried after all that.
Thanks, but I bet it wouldn't be.

And you know what, my back is fine oddly enough. A little sore of course, but fine. What I have learned recently is that I have been babying my deadlift considering the level that I am at which is low.

I just pulled massive volume (for me) from the floor 3 days out of the last 7 and my back is fine. I think this is for a few reasons. First and foremost; I got my form down a LOT better, so it's MUCH less stress on my low back specifically. Secondly, I am not babying this lift, but attacking it, daring it to do it's worst and it has backed down (for now at least), and third let's be honest here, these are pretty light weights in the grand scheme of things. Lots of reps, but weights are very manageable.

My goal is to work up to a level where it is impossible for me to do this much volume weekly!

Thanks fellas! Plowing my way through all the logs I've neglected recently. I'll work my way around to all of you soon.

Bench later. Gonna put on the RAM for some rep work after the main sets, should be epic! Depending on what I got left in the tank at that point, might be over 300 for a double if I'm going well. We'll see.
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