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Default Day 2

Day 1 ended quite nicely, as I didn't really go to sleep. It was more along the lines of slipping off into a coma for about 8 hours. Day 2 on the other hand was rough to say the least, and after a pretty decent day 1, it caught me off guard a little bit. I still did not experience any great deal of hunger throughout the day and ate very little (a few almonds, an apple, and a stick of celery), but I became very dizzy during my workout and ended up having to end the workout early because it got progressively worse with each set, with the last set causing me to slide down the wall so I didn't fall flat on my face. I have also experienced a massive headache all day long that Excedrin couldn't handle. I am thinking maybe that the dizziness was due to low glycogen levels or maybe I didn't consume enough fat last night. At any rate, I am very open to suggestions as to how to avoid this in the future. Hopefully, it is just part of the adjustment period and will pass.

so the day looked like this:

10am about 10 almonds and a stalk of celery
2pm about 10-15 almonds
3pm one very small apple
4:30 workout

Workout - Chest and Triceps

2 sets of 20 pushups for warmup
Flat Bench - 135x15 / 185x12 / 225x10 / 275x5
Incline Bench - 185x10 / 215x8 / 215x4
Incline dumbell flies - 35ib each arm 3 sets x 12 /10/ 6
pec dec machine flies (flat) - 50x10 /60 x10
cable tricep extensions - 50x15 / 75x12 / 100x6
workout ended a few sets short due to dizziness at this point, and obviously no cardio afterwords.

Evening feast

5pm -PWO shake (1 scoop myofusion in water)
5:30 plate of raw veggies (cauliflower, celery, broccoli, and carrots) about 2-3 cups worth.
6:30ish - Two grilled chicken breasts with a homemade sauce made from olive oil red wine vinegar and various spices (about 12-14oz total)
In about another hour I will have a bowl of whole grain penne with a little lighter version of alfredo sauce that I learned to make when on Keto diet. I am hoping the extra fat will help me avoid the lightheaded feeling tomorrow.
Before bed, I believe I will break out the Muscle Milk to get a litle extra protein and fat. I might even add a little flax oil to it. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.
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