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Thanks fellas! FINALLY done with school, so I'll be around a lot more now, Cutty. Whew, what a load off my mind. And Al, only my mom calls me Michael, and that's when I know I'm in trouble.

So, no worries and now I can focus on some training. Nice. Getting much closer to being in shape too. Good session today. Pretty chuffed about that as Facz might say.

Mike's program, week 1 (really another warmup week, but I've never followed rules before, so why start now?)

Warmup: lower mobility, swings,
Dynamic: P. Snatch: 1x 115, 0x 135

1x 315 (add 5 next time)
3x 10x 235

Hi Pin Rack Pull:
315x 5, 5, 4 (form was going to hell fast, so bailed on last rep)

Shrugs, hold and squeeze kind:
3x 10x 245

Stiff Deadlift:
5x 185, 205
2x 225 (Just setting a range on these)

Side Bends:
4x 12x 65

2x 15x 155 (Booyeah! Light weight I know,but I was thrilled to hit all these after everything else.)

Some back yoga

Decided to go back to video-ing fairly often. I think it helps me stay focussed and gives me more incentive. We'll see.

On the P. Snatch, I got greedy as that 135 was not in the plan, but 115 was so easy, I went for it. Timing was off as I barely ever practice these. They'll get a lot better soon now that I'm back at them regularly and I'm having fun with them!

115 P. Snatch:
0x 135:
2nd set of 10x 235 Deadlift, tried a more neutral head on some of these reps, don't like it:
3rd Hi Pin set of 315:
Last set of the day 16x 155 (mis-counted haha):

Some nice cameos of my daughter. She was really scaring me today getting underfoot, but she's a lot of fun to have out there too.

I think what I may do is just start the program this week and add an extra week of 10s (this week). So, it'll end up being 13 or so weeks. Doesn't really matter as all roads lead to Rome, but I like to feel like I'm on a path.

Going to rip into some benching tomorrow!

Onward and upward.
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