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Originally Posted by Hunterace View Post
Great work Brute! Kaboom!!! Awesome squatting bud! And to answer your question, YES! Never ever ever skip Power Shrugs! But I guess it's ok, just lets me catch up, so carry on jk Keep smashing!!!
Haha, thanks Hunter!

Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
Love the way the wrap cam flying off after the squat.
You sank that squat and it looked easy and fast. Nice.
Thanks OR. It felt great. Wraps are a work in progress, but I'm glad I'm learning to use them now.
Originally Posted by Squatter View Post
Yep, depth was good to go, but wrap not so much!

Congratz on the big PR match and even more exciting is that it was easy. It must have been tempting to go for a PR, so good job exercising restraint and control.

Skipping squats is blasphemy of the Church, but shrugs is not, so we'll let it go.
Thanks Jim! 405 is coming up soon!

Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
"So Say We All"
So say we all.
Originally Posted by big_swede View Post
Great session bf. Awesome!
Thanks swede!
Originally Posted by Randoja View Post
Yeah buddy!
Thanks Randy!
Originally Posted by Cutty View Post
Kickin arse and taking names with them squats
Thanks Cutty!
Originally Posted by Mr.Silverback View Post
Mr.Silverback approves of the mass destruction going on in here!!!!
Thanks SB. The Silverback himself has spoken!
Originally Posted by I WILL View Post
I like the way you think (d/b rows)
Very epic session. You even got two sets on the leg curl before getting busted. Great Job
Thanks Lisa! And yeah, they're always watchin!

Good day today. Used Purus Labs Condense, it was pretty much awesome. Check my review log for full details.

OHP + 5 pounds
Bar x 8
95 x 3
115 x 1
140 x 8
140 x 7
140 x 5
140 x 5

BB Row + 10 pounds
255 x 8
255 x 7
255 x 6

CGBP + 18 reps
175 x 6
175 x 6
175 x 6
175 x 6
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