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Thursday, May, 2nd

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press 3x5 (+2reps)
Warm Up (Powertec Machine Flat Bench Press)- 90x25, 180x7
80x5, 80x5, 80x5

The first set was actually at or close to failure. I readjusted my self on the last two sets because I felt my body was a bit out of position and I was able to get all 5 reps at 80lbs. Very proud of myself for getting that today specially when my energy levels this week haven't been the greatest.

Weighted Dips 4x8 (+2.5lbs)
50x8, 50x8, 50x8, 50x8

Felt pretty strong on these today and really focused on the form and moving with my triceps. I had a nice pump in my triceps after this and really enjoy these a lot.

E-Z Barbell Upright Rows 2x8 (+2.5lbs)
105x8, 105x8

This was probably the strongest I felt on these. My left wrist is starting to bother me whenever I was doing E-Z Barbell Curls and during dips and a little bit during these. I'm just fatigued and over worked I think that's the main reason. The pain isn't intense or anything but it's just there. I was able to progress though and feel like I said very strong on these. Happy about how this movement is coming along.

Triceps Pushdowns 2x10 (+2.5lbs)
95x10, 95x10

I probably could have gotten 12 reps on both sets but didn't feel it was necessary to go to failure because of the great workout I got on my triceps from dips and over course the indirect work from benching. I progressed and added weight and hit my reps so that's good enough for right now.


After a low energy week and not feeling like working out I have to say this workout kind of redeemed my whole week for me. I felt really good and strong and just very happy I progressed on my pressing. My pressing has always been my weakest link when lifting so anytime I progress on that it's going to be a great day/week. I'm not sure if I'm going to take a week off or not but as of right now I'm all in for Sunday's workout. See you all then.

Have a great/safe weekend.

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