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I think it's hard for some folk to keep in mind that their agenda is not everyone's agenda. Eat according to your agenda. I am in agreement with those who are saying it's annoying to have someone complain about not being able to put on weight who then refuse to eat. But to suggest cheeseburgers and pizza isn't necessarilly going to fit with that person's agenda either.

Unquestionably, to put on weight, you have to eat! No debate there, right? But to presumet that someone who wants to put on weight is totally cool with putting on a bunch of fat too isn't fair. You could just as easily turn it around and say it's not fair for a person who worries about the fat telling a powerlifter that they need to eat cleaner so they have abs when the power lifter could care less about abs.

It's not fair for one person's agenda to be huge to impose that agenda on someone else who's agenda is to be moderately slim with some muscle. One views the one as a wuss (or, insert a bunch of other insulting type names here that refer to less than masculine) and the other views the other as a meathead (or other ogre-type insults). Nonsense. We don't all have to want the same thing.

There's nothing wrong with someone trying to put on weight while eating "junkfood". And there's nothing wrong with someone who's worried about fat eating "cleanly". I think both sides of the issue have merit...but they're both tied to agenda.

I want to put on muscle, yes. But I'm not willing to do it at the expense of tons of bodyfat. So be it. If that means I can't gain as much muscle or that it will take me a lot longer, there it is. Have I complained about not being able to put on muscle easily. Sure. Some guys put on muscle easy. I wish I were one of them. So I've complained. I understand that if I were willing I could drink whole milk, eat a bunch of cheese, down a gallon of peanut butter a day, gorge out on burgers and pizza and put on a lot of muscle. I'm not willing to take the fat that goes with it. That's okay. Nothing wrong with that. I still wish I was more like my brother who has 20 lbs of muscle on me without working out at all...and, in my darker moments, I sometimes complain about the fact that I'm not like that. But the last thing I want to hear in response to my complaint is, "go eat a cheeseburger." Just sayin'.
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