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Wednesday, May, 1st

RDL Deadlifts 2-3x6 (+5lbs)
Warm Up- 135x10
235x6, 235x6

I only did two sets today but they were two really good sets. My legs were shaking during the second set.

Powertec Machine Leg Extensions 2x10
70x10, 70x10

I know some don't care for this movement but I do enjoy it and feel the burn in my quads. In the original template it says to do leg press but I don't really have a proper leg press machine. I could use the bench to leg press because I have done it before but I'd run out of weight so quickly and I can't really afford much right now. So I just settle with what I got. I'll progress on this and that'll be that. Overall on these I felt the burn and will move up on weight next time.

Powertec Machine Lat Pulldowns 20-40reps
110x10, 112.5x10, 115x10

I wasn't sure which weight to start with so I started with 110lbs and worked my way up. Once I got to the last set I could really feel the burn and just feel it overall. I use nice and slow controlled reps and really feel it when releasing the bar to go back up. I was going to do regular weighted chin ups but I decided to do these for right now. I may rotate every once in a while but for now I'm going to progress on these.

E-Z Barbell Curls 2x10 (-2reps)
90x8, 90x8

Yes, that's correct I lost 2 reps. I just didn't have it today and I think that's why I suffered the 2 rep loss. I'm going to try to get all 10 reps on both sets but if I fail to do so next workout I'm going to reset the weight and go from there.


Not the greatest workout in the world. I just finished my workout and it's around 1am. I was supposed to do this workout yesterday but went to sleep early and just wasn't feeling it. I wasn't feeling it today either and that's why I worked out so late. I'm going to get my upper pressing movement workout in tomorrow and possibly do a deload or a rest week next week. I'm feeling burned out energy wise. My sleep has been all over the place, I've been waking up and sleeping at very weird hours. I have 2 weeks left of college and I'm focusing on graduating so I'm stressing a bit and trying to get this done. I'm not going to miss no workouts but next week could be a down week. We will see how I'm feeling though.

Have a great night. Thanks!
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