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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
A lot of this has to do with:

1) Eating
2) Drive
3) Expectations

I have met a lot of people in person that thought they are weak. Usually they simply aren't trying hard enough, eating enough and or staying consistent.

There are the rare one percenters who are strong, but most people work their butts off to get strong. Most of it is mental.

The reality is that most people don't do what it takes. Most of this is mental.

I've worked with plenty of people who want it and plenty who don't. The ones that do get strong quickly. the ones that don't usually aren't lifting for the right reasons.

Some people just have unreasonable expectations as to how fast strength comes. People occasionally tell me how in "awe" they are of my "natural" strength. I've been lifting for 26 years on and off.

Not saying this to sound arrogant, but give me a month with a "naturally weak" individual and I will make him see he's stronger than he thinks.

I just want to say to you personally that I encourage you to stop thinking in terms of "strong and weak." Go into the gym after one more rep than last time. This will make you strong quickly and all that matters.
Thank you BBOD sir you are very wise. I am running a full body split 5x5 and progressing but verry slowly. I will keep your message with heart. Thank you again.
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