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Thanks guys!

I am currently stacking the following:
  • Pro-Antium - Protein
  • Testogen - Test booster
  • Stacked N.O.
  • Myo-Blitz - Pre workout
  • Ressurrect PM - Sleep aid

Pro Antium
They had to do some serious flavor testing on this stuff because it taste amazing. I'm using the Vanilla Wafer which has real wafer crunches in there. I've had the Stawberry Shortcake which has little strawberry pieces in it! The Chocalate flavor is basic imo. Maybe because i'm not much a chocalate fan. Gettin 29g per scoop also fortified with 5g creatine.

I'm using the pills but it also comes in powder. I like to be able to take my supps as easy as possible and pill form is the best for me. Three key ingredients in the product:
  1. DAA - We all know how awesome this ingredient is
  2. Agmatine - Helps you capture that pump
  3. Astragin - Helps with absortion
DAA 3,120mg
Agmatine 1000mg
AstraGin 100mg

With these 3 ingedients this would make for a pretty good stand alone imo.

Stack N.O.
I'm using this mainly on training days. Stacked directly with Myo-Blitz. Getting that Agmatine again here plus 3g of Citrulline which you'll find in a lot of Pre w/o and N.O. products. Getting Astragin again but he also put this ingredient called HICA in there which i had never heard of. But it is used to help reduce late to the party friend DOMS, lol.

The preworkout! For me i can't figure out if i'm getting the pump from Stack N.O. or Myo-Blitz. I've read reviews that call it average, based on my personal review i would say slightly above average. If 7 is average then i would give it a 7.5 maybe 8. I'm not the guy to depend on my pre workout to help me move the weight so for me taking a pre workout is more of a habit than anything. Here are some thing that stand out to me about Myo-Blitz:
  • Has a thermogenic affect
  • SensaCool is pretty cool. Almost like taking a whiff of an ammonia stick, not as extreme tho, lol. I've read that he used this SensaCool technology to help cover up that bad after taste of certain ingredients
  • Getting a little creatine in there as well

So far, this product has been my favorite, besides the protein. YOU MUST MIX IN WATER, lol. I was just taking a scoop and knocking it back but then i started noticing my bathroom visits were blue, and the flavor i have is Blue Razz. lol, sorry if TMI. Anyways, this product has helped me with a sleeping issue i was having. I was waking up every 3 or 4 hours but when i begin taking this stuff i begin ti sleep through the night. Took about a week to fully kick in but since then i've been absolutly loving this one. The notable ingredients here are 1g of GABA and 1g of Mucuna Pruriens.
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