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Originally Posted by SaxonViolence View Post
Can't remember where I first read of it...

I think it was in an article about The Barbarian Brothers.

Its just the one Rep and Pause seemed very effective and I though folks were being cheated a bit by always being presented with what I perceived of as Lesser Variations.

The Gym where I trained at, we trained every set to Failure (8-15 reps x 2 or at most 3 sets) and accepted that unless we were one of the gifted few, we would run into a brick wall about six months into training and make only very occasional gains in Strength thereafter...

Despite literally turning each session into a Torture Session.

Pure Rest Pausealong with 20 Rep Squats—was one of those Magic Exercises that could actually add 20-30 pounds to One's Bench (until one hit the Inevitable Plateau)...

Magic Exercises are so Rare and Precious that they Deserve to be in a Category all by themselves—not lumped into a hodge-podge of exercises that may be effective, but are not Magical.

Didn't mean to be argumentative.

It's just that when folks lay out "Rest-Pause" strategies, the Purest one seems to inevitably be the one they neglect to mention...

Saxon Violence
Well, say for example, a person rests and pauses briefly during a set, for whatever reason, and they have never heard of the rest-pause system you just described as a "rare and precious exercise not to be lumped with a hodge-podge of "ineffective" exercises" what do you suggest they do?

They have every right to call it Rest-Pause which is exactly what it is. They may be new to working out or just have never come across that training protocol, it is possible with all the various protocols out there.

I rest and pause briefly, to get my set done, due to a medical condition which halts me during certain exercises, so I log it as Rest-Pause, most, if not all on the forum, know exactly what I mean; it's not an issue, however, when things like this become an issue, it does nothing but drive people away from either sites/forums such as this or worse still, away from their training which was progressing fine until they were informed they were using the wrong wording and that their's is not the magic exercise and please don't lump it in with the percious exercise in future kind of thing.
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