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Sunday, April, 28th

Powertec Machine Incline Bench Press 3x6-8
Warm Up- 90x20, 180x7
260x6, 260x6, 260x6

On the original routine it has 3x5 for this but I'm going to switch it to 3x6-8. I wasn't able to get 260x8 for 2 sets last week but I was able to get 260x6 for 3 sets this week. Next week I'll either add weight or try for 7 reps across the board. Felt a little weaker on these today though.

Powertec Machine Shoulder Press 3x6 (+2.5lbs)
207.5x6, 207.5x6, 207.5x6

I was able to increase the weight here from the previous time I did these and I felt pretty strong on these today. Not much to complain about.

Flat Dumbbell Flies 3x8-12
32.5x12, 32.5x12, 32.5x12

I wasn't sure which weight to start with these so I just kept it at 32.5lbs. I felt pretty strong on these and will obviously increase the weight next workout. I was able to get the higher end of reps at 12reps as well. My form felt spot on as well.

Triceps Pushdowns 2x10 (+2.5lbs, +4 reps)
92.5x12, 92.5x12

I felt really strong on these but wore down as the last set went on. I was able to increase both reps and weight. Very happy with this. Will see if it continues next time.


Pretty good workout I felt overall. I worked out a little late today so have to get something to eat and then hit the bed because I work early in the morning. Have a good night everyone.

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