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Default Day 1

Started the WD today and for the most part, I feel fine. I really didn't struggle with hunger too bad throughout the day. I had a handful of almonds around 10, an apple around noon, and a carrot about 3:00. I did begin to feel hungry about 30 minutes before my workout and just downed a huge glass of water. I began to feel a little light-headed toward the end of my workout, but it was leg day and that occasionally happens to me anyway. The odd thing is, that after my PWO shake (25 grams whey in 10 oz water) I was so full I was miserable and had to force myself to eat my veggies an hour later. That is very unusual for me because I tend to have a voracious appetite. About 30 minutes ago I choked down about 12 oz. of Turkey with a little cheddar cheese (I know its not the best on WD, but needed some more fat), and right now I am dreading eating my carbs because it feels like my stomach is about to bust. I have about an hour and half left before my feast window closes and will probably wait until the end to take in the carbs. Anyway, I didn't have any energy problems during my workouts or anything and other than feeling extremely bloated, I feel pretty relaxed and pretty good.
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