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There's an ironman athlete that does the following for his shin splints and hasn't suffered them since:

Toe towel rolls: grip a towel, edge of it, between the toes and keep pulling the towel back via the toe grip, then release and regrip further along, repeat until you reach the end of the towel; basically scrunching it up as you go along. Do twice, I think, for each foot.

Anterior raises: Either with a mini-weightload of some sort, or a KB etc, placed over the top of the foot, raise the foot up toward the shin, to exercise the anterior calf muscles. I normally, place the KB handle just behind the toes, on top of the foot, as long as there is something soft directly beneath the handle...and the foot should be raised off the floor to begin, I almost forgot to mention that. Do a couple of sets of 15-20 reps.

Build-up distances gradually: When starting something new, or restarting it, always build it up over time and don't go straight into a 1hr session etc.

I'm not sure if there was something else he did, but I can check, and if that first descrip doesn't help with the exercise, I'll try to find something that does.
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