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Hello BBOD thanks for the videos I am a you tuber put on to your channel I think by Icecreamfitness. Anyway briefly I have been getting after strength training as of late and my numbers are coming up well, currently on a 5x5 program I am squatting 315

My question for you is I get a bit of soreness the day after in my lower back from 1to10 I would say its a 2 1/2 nothing a foam rolling in the morning doesn't fix. I dont feel anything during or after the lift the day of. My form feels great to me I get a bounce at the bottom and dont think I am coming to far forward.

Is this a natural b/c of the heavier weight or do I need to work on tightening up my form in some way ? Is there a couple of suggestions you can make as to what form problem I am having with out seeing the movement?

Thanks again for your help and your dedication to the growth of your sport
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