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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Sorry for the delayed response. Was away at Nationals this weekend and finally getting caught up.

Thanks for the info. Can definite tell you've been studying form. Well done.

My honest assessment is that your strength levels are still very low and you haven't experienced beginner muscle gains yet, so for that reason I would consider you a beginner. Not a novice, but a beginner.

Regarding your squat you are hyperextending your lower back a bit, and forcing it out unnaturally before you squat. Let it naturally move back as you squat, and don't hyperextend it. I can tell you've been studying Rippetoe (or maybe Mehdi). This is a common mistake among people who try to squat using his advice. Mark actually warns against lower back hyperextension in a video.

You hyperextend your lower back before the first rep. Watch the video. Minor issue, just try to avoid it.
Yes you're correct, I studied both rippetoe and mehdi from stronglifts. I think I sticked up my butt too much on that first rep wich caused by lower back to hyperextend, you're right.

Yup I agree all of my numbers are still weak, I think my stronger lifts might be my my press and deadlift (I can tell just because I can do more reps on the last sets of these 2) Also, yesterday I was messing around (deadlift day ) and pulled 100kg (220 pounds) for 1 rep wooo! I feel stronger already, but Im not supposed to be at that weight yet accordding to the program, I just was messing around wondering what would be my 1RM

I saw the strength standards you posted, honestly I'll be happy with this numbers:

Weight Squats Bench Deadlifts
148 310 210 320

I think my squat will be lower and my deadlift will be higher but I'm just guessing... I want 400 pounds deadlift to be my goal (wich will be about 3 times my current body weight) by the end of this year I should be hitting 280-300 deadlift, maybe halfway next year I'll hit 400

Also, thank you very much for replying!

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