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Originally Posted by ravimolasaria View Post
Good call on bench OMP ... It may require some more time ... Your son is doing some very good work ... 100*10 is superb considering his age ...

I think you should also train your son for bench, may be once in a week or two ... I've seen people doing some 600+ squat and DL but their bench is somewhere between 275-350. And when it come to pause, wt. drops automatically further. But this is just my opinion ... As usual you know the best ...
Brilliant Ravi
Running with that thought thinking about adding a speed day for him on OHP day. This will give him more reps to work on his form at a lower percentage.
I could see him taking pride in his training last night this is a huge milestone.

Have to backup a bit here so you can understand why, and what he's gone thru.

His academic career started off very rocky in the public school system to where at one point there were pushing us to have him put into the special needs program.
At one point in this process we sent him to a learning center for additional help and also ascertain what capacity he had . They took him in a few months time frame from where he was to a half a grade ahead, this was while he was in the public school system.
At the beginning of the next year he started off fine then fell back again by mid-year, repeat pattern for a few years.

When we finally switched schools to a smaller class size, he initially took off doing well then fell back struggling again.

In January of this year we had a meeting with his Teachers & Principal they were in a bit of a quandary.
Some of his test scores were very inconsistent while the State testing showed he was performing at grade level or slightly above. They informed us they were uncertain what to make of this and his current grades were a mess. They informed us it might be beneficial to hold him back a year.
We, (the teachers and his Mom & I) figured out a comprehensive system so we knew what was due the next day. This had been a huge problem as he would just say either no hw or it was already done or a mix of the two.

FFW; Just opened his grades this morning 1 A, 5 B's, 1 C. Upon waking him shared his grades with him and congratulated him on working so hard.

This has been a tough road for him, He came out the other side to learn some very important life lessons, Attention to detail, Never Give Up, and Don't Make Excuses!

Very Proud of his accomplishments this year, Indeed!
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