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I'm quitting next week!
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So, like usual I can't sleep and I'm bored. Decided to look back to when I started and compare where I'm at now.
I was 270ish lbs in January of 2012 and weak. I started changing my diet and then lifting. After 5-6 weeks of zero strength gains, and my total lack of energy, sh!t mood, ect. I got my test levels checked. I had low T and started on my injections.
I resumed lifting and started a lifting log doing SS. This was 4-4-12. These were my lifts at that time, and mind you my form was very very BAD, so doubt many of these would count anyhow. Also entered them into an estimation calculator to get a 1RM for comparison to now. Although we all know until you've actually lifted that weight I don't care what a calculator says .
Body weight was 250ish when I started lifting here after losing some weight by diet only, and being on test for a month
Military 90x 5 /est. 1RM 105x 1
Deadlift 180x 5 /est. 1RM 210x 1
Bench 135x 5 /est. 1RM 160x 1
Squat 150x 5 /est. 1RM 175x 1
For sh!ts and grins
Pull Ups 1, hahahahaaaaa
Now, with improved form
Body weight 199
Military 180x 1 (+75), probably a little more now
Deadlift 425x 1 (+215), also might be more
Bench 280x 1 (+120)
Squat 315x 1 (+140ish)(possibly that 325 that was close, so maybe +10 more)squats are by far my worst lift as I have weak legs, something I really want to change!
Pull Ups Bodyweight x 28 (+27)
So in a years time I lost 70+ lbs, and added conservatively 550lbs to my lifts and a ton of Pull Ups. Decent years work, but I've got lots more to do
So, yea that wasted some time while being bored hope everyone else is sleeping
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